4 Seasonal Maintenance Tasks to Perform on Your Ducted Heating System

If you have a ducted gas heating system, you might be concerned about keeping it running smoothly. With regular inspections and maintenance, you should experience few repairs and not have to replace it for a long time. Here are some maintenance tasks to do every time the season changes for a ducted system, helping with both the heater and air conditioner.

Change the Air Filters

Your ducted heating system has an air filter that captures debris and dander so that it doesn't escape the vents and enter your home's air supply. This is a great way to have clean air even when running the heater on a regular basis. However, the air filter doesn't last forever and can get clogged. It is best to change the air filter every time the season changes, or in the middle of a winter season when you have been running the heater for a long time. Also check the air filters other times of the year if you have noticed your energy bill going up, as a clogged filter might be the culprit.

Clean the Exterior Unit

Ducted heating systems usually have an exterior unit that helps to provide heat in your home. This unit needs to be cleaned and maintained as well. Inspect the unit regularly throughout the year, or at least after every time a season changes. Check the outside of this unit to remove any debris, such as dirt, leaves, or twigs that might have blown onto it. Open up the cabinet of the heating system and clean debris from inside as well. Also check the blades and other inner components to clean them as necessary.

Check the Pilot Light

With a gas ducted heating system, you have a pilot light that needs to always be on for the heater to work properly. When you are checking the heating unit, also look for the pilot light. This light should have a flame that is a blue colour. If the flame looks more like an orange, red, or yellow colour, then there might be a problem. Call in an HVAC professional to have it looked at.

Have the Ducts Cleaned

While this doesn't need to be done every season, it is something to consider if your heating system is starting to show signs of problems. You might find that it takes longer to heat up rooms in your home, or that your energy bill is getting higher even though you aren't using the heater more often. Your air quality might also be noticeable worse. These can be signs that the ducts in your home are clogged with debris and dust, and need to be cleaned.

For more information or assistance, contact an expert in ducted gas heating repairs.