Tips to Enhance the Life Span of Your Split System Air Conditioner

Air conditioning systems are a staple in several households today. Unfortunately, these systems tend to be ignored as long as they are working at optimum. This negligence will eventually lead to problems cropping up with your air conditioning unit since they require regular maintenance to stay in tiptop shape. Therefore, it is not inevitable that your air conditioning system will malfunction at some point. By observing a few maintenance measures, you will be taking steps to enhance its shelf life and improve on its overall performance. Here are some tips that you can use to enhance the life span of your split system air conditioner.

Replace your air conditioner's filter regularly during the summer.

The more you use your air conditioning system, the more particles and debris that it is filtering out of the air in your residence. If left unchecked, these contaminants can end up clogging your air conditioner's filter, which will make it work even harder to try to keep your residence cool during the summer months. To avoid unnecessary repair costs, it is best to replace your air conditioner's filters as soon as they start becoming blocked rather than waiting for the system to show signs of malfunctioning.

Inspect the air conditioner's compressor.

The compressor in your split system air conditioner works toward compressing pressure and gas. It also works toward eliminating any vapour from your air conditioner's evaporator, thus ensuring that it keeps a low boiling point for optimal functionality. In the event that the compressor begins to malfunction, it will not only affect the quality of air in the home, but it also stands the risk of affecting the functionality of other components in your air conditioning system. Always ensure that the compressor is kept clean. In the event of any problems, it is best to enlist professional air conditioning services before the problem can become exacerbated.

Opt for professional air duct cleaning.

Two of the major components of split system air conditioners that tend to be overlooked are the vents and duct work. However, if these vents and ductwork become clogged due to continuous exposure to dirt and grime, your air conditioning system will have a hard time receiving the appropriate ventilation. This not only compromises the overall quality of air in the home as contaminants will be recycled in the air, but it also poses the risk of making your air conditioning system malfunction. Opt for regular professional duct cleaning to ensure that there are no blockages or clogs.